Creating a Meeting

To start a meeting, click on the + or Start button at the top right of the screen. A page with a form will then open.

Meeting Name

The first field to fill in is the meeting name. If you do not provide a name, Upmeet will automatically generate one based on the meeting's content.

Meeting Language

Regarding the language, by default, the most used language during the meeting will be used for transcription and the summary. However, you can choose another language if you wish.


Here, you can enter the prompt that our AI should follow to prepare the summary. This feature is reserved for users with a subscription.

For more information about this feature, refer to the Prompt (opens in a new tab) section.

Meeting Platform

Here, you select the meeting platform you will use. Upmeet currently supports the following platforms:

  • File Import
  • Recording with the app
  • Video Conferencing
File Import

If you already have an audio or video file of the meeting, you can import it directly to Upmeet. Upmeet will process the file (audio or video) and provide you with a summary and transcription.

Recording with the App

You can also record the meeting directly with the Upmeet app. For this, you need to allow the app to access your microphone.

Video Meeting

Lastly, it is possible to allow Upmeet to join your video meeting. To do this, select this option and insert the meeting link. We currently support the following platforms:

  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • Microsoft Teams

Upmeet will join your meetings as any other participant and record the meeting to provide you with a summary and transcription. Note that you can change the Upmeet participant name in the settings section of the mobile and web application.