Setting Up a Calendar

Once synchronized, you can configure your calendar. Any changes made to a calendar will affect all the events in that calendar.

AutoShare the Meeting Summary

This option allows you to automatically share the meeting summary by email at the end of the meeting. You have three options:

  • Nobody: The summary will not be shared.
  • Only Me: The summary will be emailed only to you.
  • All Participants: The summary will be emailed to all participants of the meeting.


Choose the prompt that Upmeet should follow to prepare your meeting summary. This feature is reserved for users with a subscription.

More information about this feature can be found in the Prompt (opens in a new tab) section.


Auto-Join allows Upmeet to automatically join your meetings, so you don't have to think about it.


Upmeet can send you a notification via your preferred channel before the start of meetings to remind you to join them. If Auto-Join is enabled, Upmeet will first attempt to join the meeting automatically before sending you a notification. You have three options:

  • None: No notification will be sent.
  • Push Notification: Upmeet will send you a push notification on your mobile before the meeting starts.
  • Email: You will receive an email before the meeting starts.